Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Journey to Success Lesson #1

I’ve learned a very valuable lesson this past month. As I continue to embark upon my journey to success, I’ve learned that though you’ll want to take everyone along on your journey, it is merely impossible to do so because all it will do is set you back.
For the past 4 months, I have been working on publishing my magazine: “Motivation,” and I because I believed so much in my dream and I know deep down inside “Motivation” will be the next greatest publication, I decided for my first issue I wanted to feature some family, close friends, and people from the network I have been building with authors, motivational speakers, life coaches etc.
I informed many of my family, friends, and colleagues that I would be publishing a magazine and though everyone seemed excited, when I asked them to write stories, or create advertisements (free of charge), or I wanted to simply interview them for an article all I received from many of them were false promises, procrastinating spirits, or continuous talk: “I will send it tomorrow” “O yea, I forgot.” And I began to grow frustrated and weary because I really wanted to help those close to me succeed.
Today, I stand strong, with a valuable lesson learned, It’s great to want to take everyone on your journey, especially those close to you, but you can’t because everyone doesn’t see your vision the way you see it.
I am no longer letting anyone hold me back from doing the things I need to do to get where I want to get, I know once the magazine is published there will be people saying I’m wrong for not including them and blah blah blah but I’ll have to push past the talk and succeed for myself and maybe then I’ll be able to help everyone else but just like the flight attendant says on every flight; In case there is a change in cabin pressure (which we do not anticipate) please secure your oxygen mask first, then assist others.
No longer will I continue to be setback, Today I move forward and run towards the mark, Today I declare I will succeed with no self-made limitations!

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  1. That is completely true...you can't wait on others when you are doing something as important as you are. Many people take their sweet and precious time because they are not seeing the "Bigger Picture" in which you are envisioning. Do what you have to do for yourself and forget the others who can potientally set you back. Solo.