Monday, February 15, 2010

Why YOU should start YOUR BUSINESS as a TEEN!

In today's society, technology has truly increased our capacity in every area of life (i.e. Social, Personal, and Proffessional) and has made it possible for us to do so much more.

With a rise in social networking sites, eCommerce, and small businesses as a whole, we find that many teenprenuers are being birthed and taking over the business industry by storm.

From the little 6 year old selling lemonade on the corner, to the kid in high school selling candy to pay his senior dues, to the big name teen entreprenuers operating million dollar firms like Farrah Gray who became a millionaire at 14 or Sean Belnick who created a $30 million company at the age of 19 which later increased to over $50 million a year. There are many teen entreprenuers who are changing the business model daily.

There a 5 reasons why YOU should start YOUR BUSINESS as a TEEN!

1. Many resources are available to you!

-As a teen in today's society and the Internet Age, You are capable of finding all the resources you need to support your company.

2. Teens are easy to Market

-It's one thing to have a good brand but when you have a young face behind that good brand, more attention will be drawn to you, making it easier to market your business.

3. Your Start-up Cost can be low.

-Imagine you want to start a graphic design company or a desktop publishing company from home and you are 30 years old, that would require you pay roughly $800 for photoshop, $1000 for QuakXpress, and $500 for the mircorsoft office proffessional suite. Making your start-up cost close to: $2300 but as a student or teen, all this software is made available to you at a low cost. Somewhere around $100 for microsoft, $200 for QuarkXpress, and $200 for photoshop making your startup cost only $500 saving you close to 78% of your money. THATS A REAL PLUS!

4. As a youth you believe in unlimited possibility.

- As a teen you believe in unlimited possibilites because you still have an immagination. As people get older, their immagination seems to turn into impossible and they can't really see the possible things or even envision and dream like a youth.

5. The Youthful Mindset

-When you are young, your ideas flow freely. You are more innovative and you come up with great ideas and you have a drive to make your ideas possible and you wont give up until you make them happen.

I encourage any teen who has future plans of becoming an entreprenuer to start as a teen and let your innovative ideas take you to places that people thought was impossible.

I started my first business at 11 and it was successful to my standards because I was being paid to do something I like. If you are stuck on what type of business to start just look at your passion and start a business based around something you are very passionate about and essentially something you would do for free if money was no object. Dont just start a business to make money because it wont be successful. Follow your Dream and the Dollar will follow you, Follow your Passion and the Paycheck wont be far behind.

There are many resources available to helping teens start businesses.

Below I have listed my personal resources along with other resources and sites I found to be helpful.

If you are stuck on finances, call personal finance coach Dorethia Conner

If you need marketing materials or a website contact Graphic Designer Tim Miller

If you need help or assistance with your business plan contact the SBA (small business administration) or SCORE and

Also I find these websites to be very helpful. . . . . . . . .

and Join Deca and BPA . . . . . They are truly helpful. . . . . and

I hope this article has been helpful to you!

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Jaylen LaGrande
17 year old Author.Speaker.and.Entreprenuer